About Holy Cross College Arima Alumni

This ALUMNI website serves our Past Students of Holy Cross College Arima in Trinidad and Tobago as well as our Foreign-based Past Students.

Documenting the formation and history of Holy Cross College in Arima, Trinidad (and Tobago) in the Caribbean. Our purpose is facilitating the activities of the Past Students of our College. However, we feel that in providing an ongoing journey of life after College somehow this affects Present Students. For the continuing work that Past Students do serves as an example for Present Students and inspires them to become Students of Excellence.

Giving Back To Our College

It is our way of giving back to our college, as we were helped by schoolmates, staff, and parents, during and after college. Past students today remain an active part of our life, some having formed long-lasting friendships. In turn we would like for present students to benefit as we have from Holy Cross College Arima.

Serving Our College

The Holy Cross College Arima Alumni website is the virtual home of our past students.

Our Heartfelt Gratitude

We the local and foreign-based past students – residing at different world locations – have a close affinity to our birth home – Trinidad, from where we came, and our Alma Mater, Holy Cross College in Arima. We always want to know what is going on, and how we can best serve. That is why this Alumni website is a reality.

The Holy Cross College Arima Alumni is a form of community, virtual and real, with the use of modern technology – the world wide web, emails, conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, phone calls, faxes, etc.

There is a joy and excitement shared by all when we get together, face to face, or through our modern communications, and share our glorious past in the form of our history, geography, photos, stories, jokes. Our present is filled with beautiful memories of the ‘old school days’ about college mates, and teachers.

We are recording our history by means of a website, for present students, coming generations, to see our journey, so that they have a sense of belonging – to this College that is Holy Cross.

It gives us great joy to help provide this history, this legacy and we give praise and honor to God. We thank our founding Fathers, the Dominican Order, the members of the Arima College Project Committee and sub-committees, as well as the volunteer groups, all who gave of their talents to build our College. Most importantly we thank our priests and teachers, who taught and gave us the foundation of our education, which we built upon and graduated into higher learning disciplines that we now use to serve our fellow men, by means of work – through our professions in community, country, and world.

For this and more we are so privileged because of our parents and guardians who knew from their own life experiences the benefit of a proper education. As we look back, we realize how fortunate we have been to have these loving people in our lives, and give so much thanks to all who have blessed us in our upbringing.

Likewise for our children, initiates in life – the present students – we wish for you a life of fulfillment. And now we in turn have become the role models, the parents, the teachers and educators who are nurturing this present generation. We pray our work bears fruit like our forefathers have, to go forth and bless community.

Submitted by Kazim Abasali on behalf of the Holy Cross College Arima Alumni website and all local and foreign-based past students of Holy Cross College Arima.

Beginning Website Contributors

Our ALUMNI website is made possible by all our Past Students kind contributions. Thank you Walt Bhawanie for the 25th Anniversary Journal. Information to this website was made with material from this Journal. Thanks to Jerold Farrier and Neil Walcott for our 50th Anniversary updates. Thanks to Holly Betaudier Jr. and Glen Thomas Foncette for 50th Anniversary reunion photos. A big thank you to Glen Thomas Foncette and Br. Navis for so many of our Archive photos.

Service to our College – Holy Cross. For Holy Cross is the lives of Present Students that we are supporting together with the staff, and administration. We are in essence building the minds and hearts of students and coming generations to become citizens of excellence to further serve our community, country and world. Just as we were educated and supported. we are giving back. This is indeed a very high ideal. When we look at this bigger picture, then we can recognize the true significance of our reunions. It is not only for Past Students to get together and share the good old school days, and have fun. It is much more we are envisioning and doing. So our reunions serve a much higher purpose with every act of love in our service to our College. It is to bless others by our gifts, words and deeds. Therefore our coming together takes on more meaning. I am very privileged to work with like-minded souls in serving our College. We give thanks to all who contribute in such loving ways.

Thank you so much again for all your contributions. You are the Life of our website….Kazim Abasali.

Webmaster Kazim Abasali

“Empower with Art”Hearts empowering lives.


College Song-Holy Cross CollegeComposed & ArrangedHolly Jr. Betaudier

With hope and faith and unity
Our tasks we face with pride,
To conquer all deservingly
All failure set aside.

But should we falter, lose our stride,
Disgrace’s not ours for long,
For in every earnest enterprise
The failure makes you strong.

Through measures of renown, success,
We search these walls to find,
Our final goal, our recompense,
A place to serve mankind.

IN HOC SIGNO VINCES our guiding light divine,
Our Alma Mater, HOLY CROSS,
A beacon for mankind.