Fr. Ignatius Candon O.P. 1st Principal 1957-1959
Fr. Edward Michael Foley O.P. 2nd Principal 1959-1978
Mr. Suresh Ramlogan 3rd Principal 1979-2000
Dr. Bernard Tappin 4th Principal 2000-2006
Fr. & Dr. Gabriel Julien 5th Principal 2007-2008
Mr. Peter Estrada 6th Principal 2010 – 2014
Mr. Paul Reyes 7th Principal 2014 – 2017

Fr. Ignatius Candon O.P. Fr. Ignatius Candon O.P.  1st Principal 1957-1959

Our 1st Principal was Fr. Ignatius Candon O.P.. He was assisted by Fr. Francis Mc Namara O.P.. Holy Cross College officially opened its doors on September 18th 1957, for the 1st time at a temporary location in a pre-fabricated building. It was erected at the corner of Woodford and Church Streets, near to the Park and Santa Rosa Church. The first intake of students numbered 74, and they were divided into 2 classes: Forms 1A and 1B. The College was given its name by Fr. Candon, this was probably due to the fact that the site for the College was Calvary Hill.

The vision of Fr. Ignatius Candon: He had visualized Holy Cross as a 20th century Dominican Centre of Learning, just as Toulouse or Paris was in the Middle Ages.

When Fr. Ignatius Candon was ordained a Dominican Priest, he finished his normal studies a year later. He was then sent to do a doctorate in Rome for 2 years. He then came back to Ireland where he taught Philosophy for some time. Then he was loaned to the Benedictine Order to teach their Benedictine students for the priesthood. It was from that situation in Ireland that he came to Trinidad in 1957. He began Holy Cross College. He was only here for 2 ½ years and built the 1st unit of the College.

Fr. Candon then went to Barataria for 14 months and then to South Oropouche, after which he went home for a holiday. When he returned he founded a new parish in Coryal, where there was not a resident Parish Priest before. He stayed in Coryal for 6 ½ years, which was his last years in Trinidad . After this, during his time away from home in 14 years, he went to India for a short while and then to Iran where he stayed for 2 years. Then he returned to Ireland.

Fr. Candon, we Thank you for your service to our country. Blessings!

Fr. Edward Michael Foley O.P. 2nd Principal 1959-1978
“Father of Holy Cross”

The contribution of Fr. Foley has been monumental, serving as principal for 19 years. The college itself has been synonymous with Fr. Foley – it was virtually “his school”, shaping its destiny in its crucial early years. His devotion to staff and students has earned him the title of “Father of Holy Cross”. Inheriting a privately run institution in 1959, Fr. Foley was to see the College become a Government Assisted School on January 1st 1961.

Being an engineer by profession, Fr. Foley had a unique contribution to make in the physical development of the school. It was during his tenure of office, that the present facilities were constructed. Fr. Foley was directly responsible for the design and erection of the chapel in 1971.

Fr. Michael Edward Foley was born in Ireland in 1922, the first born son of Mr.and Mrs. Patrick J. Foley. After his secondary schooling, young Michael proceeded to University College, Dublin, where he later graduated as a civil engineer. After diligently working on many of the Wicklow roads, his native country, engineer Foley decided to enter the Dominican Studentate to study for the Priesthood.

However, even while undergoing his Theological Studies, Brother Edward employed his professional skills, being largely responsible for the erection of the new wing on the Dominican House of Studies in Dublin.

Indeed, after his Ordination to the Priesthood in 1953, it was already obvious that Fr. Foley was of tremendous value to the Home Province, but it was then becoming evident that he would be of a greater asset to the Missions.

The Date: September 1959. His Mission: To bring to completion the works and vision of Fr. Ignatius Candon, the then Principal of the 2 year old Holy Cross. Fr. Candon had visualized Holy Cross as 20th century Dominican Centre of Learning, just as Toulouse or Paris was in the Middle Ages. But before a 20th century Albert the Great or Thomas Aquinas have been produced, the physical construction of the college was still to be achieved.

Today, the complex of buildings on Calvary Hill – The College, The Chapel, The Priory, – have indeed become a reality, largely due to the ingenuity of Fr. Foley’s designing and structural engineering capabilities. And, also to the generosity of the Dominican Order together with the Archdiocese and people of Trinidad and Tobago.

For 2 decades Fr. Foley laboured as Principal and Manager of Holy Cross College, building up the minds and talents of his students, especially in the realm of Technical Drawing. By his Staff, Fr. Foley was dearly appreciated, since his priority was always to set people before things. As Principal and Priest, Fr. Edward conscientiously fostered genuine human relations between himself and his Staff, and between members of Staff.

He left a College, not elaborately decorated or furnished, but this was because of his conviction of what is truly essential. Indeed, during his Principalship he never subscribed to wasteful expenditure, and this was readily appreciated since Trinidad was not as economically affluent as today. In fact, he saved the College large sums of monies by doing things himself during his time as both Principal and Manager.

Fr. Foley, we Thank you for your service to our country. Blessings!

Mr. Suresh Ramlogan, our 3rd Principal 1979 – 2000

The morning of 1st February, 1979 signaled a new era in the story of Holy Cross College. For, it was on that day Mr. Suresh Joseph Ramlogan assumed the Principalship of our school, becoming the 3rd Principal and the 1st layman to be appointed to that position. Following in the footsteps of Fr. Edward Foley O.P. – the virtual ‘Father of Holy Cross’ – Mr. Ramlogan was soon to set his own distinctive mark on the institution.

Mr. Ramlogan came from a well-know Tunapuna family – son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Jadu Ramlogan. (His brother, Michael, also served as a teacher at Holy Cross College.) He obtained his primary education at Tunapuna Boy’s R.C. School, and in his penultimate year before the College Exhibition Examinations went over to Tranquility Boys’ Intermediate. From here, young Suresh entered St. Mary’s College. He left in Form Five having successfully passed the Senior Cambridge Examinations to assume a teaching post at St. Charles Boys’ High School, Tunapuna. At the end of a 1 ½ years, young Ramloan decided to try the Civil Service. He joined the Public Service in 1960 and was attached to the Savings Bank Department in the 1st instance and was later appointed to the Ministry of Health at Knowsley. There his work was outstanding to the point that he was recommended to act as a First Class Clerk after a short while.

However, the urge from within to return to teaching was irresistible and, before long, Mr. Ramlogan was back at St. Charles. During these years, Mr. Ramlogan was actively involved in sports and played cricket, football, and table-tennis for his local Tunapuna club – Shannon. He also held Executive Offices in that club as well as being President of the Tunapuna Branch of the Christian Youth Organization (CYO), for a number of years.

In 1963 Mr. Ramlogan entered the University of Manitoba, Canada to read for a Bachelor of Arts degree. He graduated in 1967, with a double major in Latin and Spanish, and also made the Dean’s Honour List. During his stay in Canada, Mr. Ramlogan served as President of the Newman Club at Manitoba and also President of the Caribbean Students’ Association. Young Suresh also found time to fall in love with his class-mate, Miss Lily Persad, from San Fernando. The couple got married in 1967 and became the pround parents of a son – Asash.

On his return from Canada, Suresh accepted a teaching appointment at his Alma Mater, St. Marys’ College. He taught there from 1968 (until his appointment and promotion at Holy Cross College). Mr. Ramlogan was head of the Latin Department and also served as Dean on the Junior School for a number of years. During that time he was also able to continue his studies. He completed the In-Service Diploma in Education Course and obtained a Government Scholarship to pursue a Diploma in International Relations. Mr. Ramloan also held a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Toronto, Canada.

With his new administration, Mr. Ramlogan concentrated with improving the quality of discipline among students, as well as improving the facilities of the College. The painting of the premises, the purchase of sets of desks and the renovation of the library have been part of his building enhancement project. This has been made possible by a revitalized P.T.A., (doing fundraising by means of bazaars and walk-a-thons), thereby making the College a much more comfortable school.

In Addition, Mr. Ramlogan served as a District Governor of the Rotary Club 7030 during the 1999 – 2000 period. He was also Principal of St. Joseph’s College, after his service at Holy Cross College. He passed away late April, 2003. We also Thank you Mr. Ramlogan for your distinguish service to humanity. God’s Eternal Blessings!

Dr. Bernard Tappin, Our 4th Principal 2000-2006

Dr. Bernard Tappin, the fourth principal of Holy Cross College, can most readily be described as a man “ready to learn, ready to serve and ready to teach”. Thinking on his feet and always learning, Dr. Tappin shows himself as a man hungry for knowledge and the source from which it springs. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1975 from the University of the West Indies, the young Bernard Tappin obtained a Diploma in Education and a Masters of Arts in History in 1981 and 1984 respectively from the said UWI Campus. This certainly laid the firm foundation allowing him to complete by 1999 a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in History.

A teacher at Holy Cross College from 1975-1991, Dr. Tappin taught English Language, Literature and History. He also taught disciple, and dedication, to students for many years as Holy Cross College’s Dean, before going on to become the Vice-Principal of Fatima College from 1991-2000. Dr. Tappin returned to Holy Cross College as the Principal from 2000-2006. During his relatively short time as Holy Cross College’s Principal, Dr. Tappin took a personal interest in the students and their academic and holistic development. He also ensued some refurbishment of the College’s Physical Plant.

With such admirable capacity to serve, Dr. Tappin was appointed Secondary School Supervisor 111 for the Eastern and then Northern Regions of the country thus allowing the benefits of his giftedness and experience to work with many more students and many more schools. Thank you Dr. Bernard Tappin for your outstanding service to our College. God bless you.

Fr. Gabriel Julien, our 5th Principal 2007-2008

Our 6th Principal – Mr. Peter Estrada: 2010 – 2013

M.Ed. Reading – University of the West Indies
Diploma in Education –- University of the West Indies
Teaching of History and Social Studies
School Administration
B.A. General –University of the West Indies
Major in History with Social Sciences- Personnel Management and Industrial relations/Public Administration.
Teachers Diploma – -Mausica Teachers College, Trinidad, West Indies
Certified Elementary School Teacher
Music Elective
Royal School of Music
Grade VIII Theory
Grade VI Practical Guitar
Principal Holy Cross College Arima – 2010 – Present
Acting Principal Valencia Secondary – 2009 – 2010
Vice Principal Toco secondary – 2006 – 2009
Head of Modern Studies Dept – El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School 1989 – 2006
History/Music Teacher – North Eastern College, Trinidad, W. I. – September 1985 – 1989
Music Teacher – Ste Madeleine Junior Secondary September 1983
Music Teacher – Toco Composite, Trinidad, W. I . – September 1978-1983
Caribbean Examination Council Examiner in West Indian History 1986- 2012
Workshop Leader – First International UNESCO Environmental Summer School – 30 July to 6 August 2000, Bielefeld, Germany.
Tutor, YTEPP North Eastern Division Trinidad W.I.-1985-1989
District Field Officer – TTUTA 1985 – 1989
Musical Director, Los Tocadores Parang and Soca Band
Produced six C.D. albums and three cassette albums
Managed tours to the Europe/ USA / Caribbean from 1987-2012
Entertainment Administrator, Queens Park Savannah, – July 11, 1999
Supervised arrangements for the Roberta Flack Show
Managed budgetary affairs of the show
Musical Arranger – Guitar Tutor – Judge- Trinidad 1978-1999
Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association
History Association of Teachers

Our 7th Principal – Mr. Paul Reyes: 2014 – 2017

Our 8th Principal – Mr. Andre Howard: 2017 –