Mr. John Young Vice Principal 1978-1989
Mr. Gordon Walker Vice Principal 1992-2010

Mr. John Young, Vice Principal 1978 – 1989

Having taught at Fatima College in 1958, Mr. John Young moved to the teaching staff of Holy Cross College in 1960. When he first met Fr. Foley, he was assured that the job was his, and with that warm reception he knew immediately he was about to settle at Holy Cross College.
Asked some time ago what he recalled about early days of school he remarked that the students were much bigger than they are now. Ask most of his students what they think of him, they say he seemed larger than life. Mr. Young is known by teachers and students alike for his quick wit and sound advice; for many a day one would learn much more from him than what was on the curriculum. He has the ability to communicate some of the most difficult subject matters with ease and clarity.

Mr. Young has the distinction of being one of the longest serving member of the teaching staff as is evident by the range in the ages of boys who can say “John Young taught me!”.

He also has the distinction of being the first Vice Principal, a post to which he was appointed in March 1978. Not surprisingly, after leaving Holy Cross he went to forge a very successful career in the insurance industry. Thank you very much Mr. John Young for you long and outstanding service to our College.

Mr. Gordon Walker: Vice Principal 1992-2010

Mr. Gordon Hudson Walker joined the staff of Holy Cross on 26th September, 1974, as an English Language and Literature teacher. He served in various capacities – Head of both English and Business departments, and Dean for several years. Mr. Walker was responsible for the introduction of Business Studies, Computer Studies, Management of Business at Advanced Level, Commerce and Peer Counselling. He was one of the devoted teachers who gave up two weeks to mark CXC papers. This he did from 1987 to 1996.

In 1985, under his guidance, English Language and Business Studies accounted for over 50 percent of the Grade 1’s achieved by the school. He has successfully guided his charges to victory in the Income Tax Quiz and Stock Exchange Quiz. He is also responsible for having Holy Cross College swimmers ready for competitions at which they were very successful.

His experience was enjoyable and challenging as he was exposed to a different form of humour from Holy Cross students. Those same boys, however, gave him the encouragement and advice to go on, which has helped to make him a better teacher. He learned the culture of the School. Over the years his emphasis has been on helping students attain life skills so that they would make better members of society.

Appointed Vice Principal on 25th November, 1991, he has acted as Principal for an extended period of time. In his capacity as Teacher and VP, Mr. Walker has served under 4 Principals from Fr. Foley to Dr. Julien. Thank you Mr. Walker, we so much appreciate your caring services.

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