“Kazim – Congratulations on a job well done with this website. I know how glad you are to be doing this for Holy Cross. When Weslee (my son) was going to HCC I served as treasurer for four years and indeed it was a special feeling to “give something back” to my alma mater. Thanks again and all the best.” Herman Pereira 63-68, Arima, T&T, W.I.

“At this stage of my life, I am very much interested in passing on knowledge and experiences to the younger ones. This Old Boys Association , as I choose to call it, is long overdue. I must commend those who took time off their busy schedule to put this organization together. This provides a place to which we can go to reminisce on the past events of our high school era… Thanks Kazim and the team.” Dr. Joseph Mills, Conyers, Georgia. USA.

“Holy Cross College has produced many leaders in sport, industry, politics, religion. construction, defense, academic fields, and many countless others. It will continue to do so in the future long after we have left our mark on society whilst on earth. Its Great to be a past pupil of Holy Cross College!” Derek I. Outridge, Trincity, T&T, W.I.

“Congratulations to all those responsible for making this website a reality and the formation of the Holy Cross College Arima Alumni. Twenty years ago I left my beloved country T&T and took up residence in Canada. Thanks to the rapid advancement in communication technology we can now be part of the global village. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with the past and present students. Feel free to contact me.” Rension Attai, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

“The site is a good idea, so we have some sort of way to stay connected, and for the younger set of past students to meet and get to know who attended HCC before them.” Joel Aguilal, Arima, T&T, W.I.

“So long overdue, I am very pleased to see the Fraternity reconstitute itself. We must never abandon the students of the Alma Mater but we must assist in reminding them and teaching them of their responsibility as Productive Men to their families, communities and the nation. The teachers must also feel pleased to be working alongside the very students who graduated and who care for the current students. Let HCC know that we are have not abandoned them but that the Fraternity will be there for them for a very long time. They expect good things from us and we expect good things from them too.” Roger Stanley Moore; Chaguanas, T&T, W.I.

“I attended HCC from 1979 to 1984, this website is long overdue! I love HCC, it has shaped me into the man I am today!” Eric Paul, Arlington, Texas, USA.

“I look forward to meeting up with my classmates again. I attended from 1979 to 1984 and hold fond memories of my time on “de hill”. My graduating year held a 20th Anniversary reunion in 2004 which was attended by Mr. Tappin and many of the teachers of our time: Mr. Ramsumair, Ms. Alkins, Brother Navis, Mrs. Marcellin and so on. I am proud of my Alma Mater and of the many fine and upstanding citizens that it has produced. Thanks Holy Cross.” Jonathan Regis; Trincity, T&T, W.I.

“I attended Holy Cross from 1979-1984 and I truly treasure the time I spent at this great institution. The learning, friendships, experiences and memories have indeed impacted on my life in a very positive manner. Thanks to the dedicated teachers and wonderful classmates who played an important role in those very crucial years of my life. The Alumni is an excellent idea and long overdue. Holy Cross is, as Dr. Tappin said at our 20 year reunion in 2004, “One of the best kept secrets in the East”, and it is time the good news be known. This school has indeed produced outstanding citizens and I am immensely proud to be a past student.” Sheridon Hill, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

“Yes, I always wish that an old boys association would be formed for the benefit of the school. In my time I am most grateful for the level of discipline that was instilled by our teachers and our principal Fr Edward Foley. I must say it was rewarding, So let all past students in whatever small way, strive to make Holy Cross College one of the best, and always remember it takes the past to remodel the future.” Russell Foncette, Tunapuna, T&T, W.I.

” I am able to adapt to and share thoughts with anyone in this part of the world which is made up of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds……all because of the all-round experience received during my years at HCC.” Sydney Messiah, Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

“Great website! Memories came flooding back to this old brain. I actually got to see a photo of myself on The Holy Cross cricket team when we won with the likes of Larry Gomes, Lennox Pamphille, and my good buddy James West. Thanks for the memories.” Brent De Freitas – Factoryville, PA. USA.

“Memories from 1979-1984. Set at the base of the Northern Range, Holy Cross College on Calvary Hill lives within me. From the base of the hill to the top are the Stations of the Cross. Each wooden cross is simply designed and painted white. Each cross is numbered with its respective Roman numerals. When I was really young I thought that this was the Calvary Hill that Christ climbed on his way to Golgotha. Holy Cross was removed from the bedlam of the Dial. Walking up the long hill, as it veered towards the school, you would have a panoramic view of Arima and the Eastern Main Road, below, the water tower set against the cliff of the hill. Continuing a few yards, the heavy breathing magically stops; your breath is taken away. You get your first glimpse of Holy Cross’ lower field: the green grass, the brush, the chain link fence, the priest house looming over the edge of the field. The breeze was always full of hot dry air. No one was ever there. I wished I had spent more time there but this field was so large that I always felt intimidated by it. Past the lower field is the priest house. I would go over the short stone wall, walk through the garage and down the path to the school. The path was bordered by beautiful flowers and trees. I loved this area and as a student, I would spend my recess sitting in a secluded spot close to it. I wanted to be a part of it but did not want to intrude on its routine. There were many bougainvillea trees and when they bloomed this area became a magical place. This path led to the school. The school itself was beautiful, and it was the place that I came of age. The top floor of the main school was always quiet, the breeze constant, and the view magnificent.” Andrew Nath – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

“I had 5 short years at Holy Cross College. It was my 3rd choice in my Common Entrance Exams. Upon hearing that this was the school I was going to, I cried, as all my brothers went to school in POS at CIC. My tears were short lived. It was the best thing that could have happened to me I think. I met great friends, and a few enemies also, but I will still shake their hands today should I see them. Stood by the dial after school and watched people . Met my first girlfriend (there) whilst at an interschool swim meet at the Mount. I cycled for HCC and Arima (Dial Dynamos) and represented T&T at one international meet in Barbados. Grew up in Christina Gardens (near Abdul Malick) and I still visit home and Arima on a regular basis. It was great to be in Germany in 2006 to see HCC represented with an international goalkeeper in T&T’s own Kelvin Jack. I am proud to be a Trini and even prouder to have attended the smallest male college in T&T. I did quite well in school, much to the surprise of some of my teachers, parents and myself! However, I owe a life time of gratitude to the teachers and Principal (Mr. Ramlogan) that made me into the man I am today. Thank you HCC and for those of you whow know me, lets see how we can plan a class reunion in 2010 for the class of 1990!!!” Marc B. Marquez, MBA, WMS. – Houston, TX, USA.

“I attended Holy Cross College from the first day that it commenced on Calvary Hill. I actually had to wait a term to start. As far as I remember we did not start on the hill at the beginning of the normal school year.Just the names of Fr. Foley and Jerry Hospedales brings back fond memories.” Guy St. Louis, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.

“To keep in touch with former classmates and keep informed with what is going on at the College.” Trevor Matthews St. Albans, NY, USA.

“I am very pleased to see that you are engaged in such a worthy venture as lighting the beacon of Holy Cross College. I attended those hallowed grounds from 1983-1988. I enjoyed the close knitted atmosphere of HCC and always reminisce about the good old days with Bro. Navis – one of the best coaches that I have experienced – and only wished back then that we had entered the big football competitions because we had the ability but lacked the funding- and of course a GCE Form 6 level program. I will always remember teachers like Mrs. Marcellin, Mr. Walker, Mr. LaCroix, Mrs. Wong, Mr.Soya,the Shakespearian Mr. Bernard Tappin and our beloved Principal Mr.Ramlogan – May God rest his soul.” Darrryl Dopwell 83-88

“Luv this school best 5yrs of my life!!” Robert Lander 98-03 Dabadie, T&T, W.I.


“Hi Kazim: Great idea. I am extremely proud to be a part of the Holy Cross College history, and sites like this will keep our legacy alive. Good to see photos of the folks ….Sheldon, etc. Kindly add my picture to the webpage as well. I attended from 1966-1971 under Father Foley, of course. Other teachers were…Mr. John Young, Mr. Fitzgerald Baboolal, Mr. Saunders, Mr. Roy Ali, Mr. Laurent, Fr. Brennan, Fr. Bergen, Fr. Dunn – to name a few. I was there for the “human computer” Shakuntala Devi in 1970-71. What an experience that was! I currently live in Toronto (since 1974), and I am a Service Executive in the IT industry. I owe any level of success I have achieved … to the foundation I received from Holy Cross College. Thank you for keeping this site alive!! Cheers & God Bless Always” Suresh Gosyne 66-71 Toronto, Canada.

“Holy Cross College set the foundation for my success- Great Teachers, Classmates, and Great Principal – Mr. Suresh Ramlogan.” Ravishastri Narace 94-99 Weston, FL, USA.

“HCC has given me the solid foundation on which to build my journey through life. This includes my A Levels at Fatima/CIC colleges; BSc (1st Class Hons) at UWI; MSEE at U of Toronto; and a fulfilling professional and family life both in Canada(23 yrs) & USA (since 1995). HCC provided the guidance and mentorship missing in my very young life as my father passed away when I was 7yrs old. To this, I am very grateful to Fathers Foley and Leahy. It is gratifying to apply these same role models to my 3 adult sons. It has been 45+yrs since HCC and I remember clearly the classroom and the lab where Fathers Foley and Leahy taught me and my classmates.” Peter Chai-Seong 62-66 Cary, NC, USA.

“I too recently found the Holy Cross College alumni website. It was a Godsend. It brought back a lot of memories for me.” Mark Hernandez 69-74, Smyrna, GA, USA.

“I recently found the Holy Cross College website and was amazed by the information it provided and the memories that it evoked. It has now become an oasis, an escape from a hectic North American way of life for me.” John Marhong 69-74, Markham, Ontario, Canada.

“So happy to see this and hope it continues. It’s about time” Wendell Michael Bompart 84-89 T&T W.I.


“Googled my name and came up with this site.. brought back alot of memories.. names and faces I haven’t seen in over a decade.” Christopher Penjilia 89-94 St. Helena, T&T, W.I.

“I am pleased that such an organization has been formed. A great way for past pupils to keep in touch and to contribute to the future of our alma mater. Holy Cross has done much in making us who we are and we should also be interested in its successful growth and continued development. I served as head boy from 1983 to 1984 and also I’m the first president of the Arima LEO club.” – James Toussaint, Arima, Trinidad.

“To reestablish & maintain links to HCC” Mark Cross, Brooklyn, NY, USA.


“Received your e-mail with respect to the Holy Cross College Arima Alumni Benefit. My compliments on a job, well done!! Give my regards to Charles Bhawanie, Herman Pereira and the rest’. Harold DeGannes, Venezuela.

“I’m so happy to see this and to keep in touch with my old friends from HCC.” Randoll Doon 93-98 Arima, T&T, W.I.


“It’s great to have a place were we can connect and share anything HCC. Hope to find friends here.” Matthew Pierre 99-04, Arima, T&T, W.I.

“This site is a wonderful idea.” Frederick Terry Matthews 63-68, PA, USA


“I’m always and overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity and honour, which has long been associated with being a student of this great school!!! I truly cherish the years I spent within its walls!” Jacy Warrick 97-02, Arima, T&T, W.I.

“Proud to be a past student of this school.” Stephan O’Brien, Valencia, T&T, W.I.


“Some of the best years of my childhood” Joel Woo Chong 93-98 Arouca, T&T, W.I.


“My Alma Mater, HOLY CROSS!!! Best School in the World!” Greg Geawan 93-98 Arima, T&T, W.I.


“The Best School ever!” David Chow, St Augustine, T&T, W.I.


“The best school in Trinidad, yes Bless Up” Nicholas Roopchan 00-05 Arima, T&T, W.I.


“I mean who could complain, this school was/is the best school ever. Now, alot has changed over the recent years.” Dion Webber 98-02 Arima, T&T, W.I.

“Fun 5 yrs of my life” Avinash Ramnanan 99-04, Sangre Grande, T&T, W.I.


“We had a blast in Holy Cross…I still feel Mr. Walker’s whip in my palm up 2 this day! lol. Big up Babs…The best biology and overall teacher a fella could have!!!” Kendall Castillo 96-01, T&T, W.I.

“Absolutely the best school in Trinidad. Nothing is better than a breath of fresh air on the top of the hill to get you started.” Kareem Belcon 96-01, Arima, T&T, W.I.

Hello Kazim, some years ago I stumbled upon our Holy Cross College website when googling my name and I must say that the memories of that past era, that most remarkable time, that stage of transition into adulthood, came flooding back to me in a most profound way.

So vivid were those memories I felt, like it was only yesterday that I attended, that everything that was and all that I knew of Holy Cross College still is, and that I could almost reach out and touch the past. Thank you for the opportunity to relive that past, for that intense emotional rush the nostalgia and that profound feeling of connectedness.

I feel certain that I am not the only past student to have had this reaction to the Holy Cross College website. I would like my contact information to be posted in the area so designated and to be notified on Holy Cross College events via e-mail. Thanks again. Lawrence Jittansingh 74-79, Corner Boundary and Mann Streets Arouca, T&T, W.I.